The Mercer County Elementary School is a 108,800 sf highly specialized learning environment with classroom instruction, as well as therapy for students ages three to 12 years old who have mental and/or physical disabilities and whose overall needs have not been met at their resident school district.

This new facility, with a capacity for 320 students has 32 classrooms, and features:

  • Small class sizes and specialized spaces designed with logical adjacencies and flexible configurations, all contained on one level.  
  • The first floor plan is free flowing, but simple to grasp and circulate throughout. 
  • The core spaces are placed between the two classroom wings which essentially creates two diffused schools within one structure.
  • Natural light is highly desirable and is featured throughout the building.
  • The second floor is completely dedicated to the district’s administration, office of the superintendent, business and transportation offices.
  • The facility is completely barrier-free and ADA compliant throughout, and is fully air-conditioned and equipped with sprinklers.


Mercer County Special Services School District Elementary School
Hamilton, New Jersey