East Amwell School District Going Solar

Architecting Insights

USA conducted another successful “pre-proposal meeting” with potential solar developers, this time on behalf of the East Amwell Township School District. The District will receive proposals up until April 20, 2011.  Interest in the project was beyond expectations. Over thirty solar development companies, some with company ties as far away as California came to investigate what the District is proposing. The system is a 400kW ground mount solar photovoltaic system that is scheduled to be erected by the end of the summer. Two important components of the project for the District are establishing an aggressive revenue generating model coupled with the development of an educational tool for students. “These are two key components that we will be looking at when we review the proposals,” Mr. Chuck Miles, BOE President announced to potential bidders.

 Mr. Peter C. Campisano, AIA,  a Partner of USA Architects, talked about the revenue generating part of the proposal, stating that unlike projects in the private sector, a public school district is an extremely safe investment for developers and financiers, and as the beneficiary of reduced risk will pass along an equal savings to the school district. A win-win for private and public alike. That is if they want to be the successful developer. The competition is very high.


More to come after the opening of proposals, set for April 20th.