The new SCI Benner Township Facility will accommodate a housing capacity of 2,300 inmate beds and will be located in close proximity to the existing SCI Rockview complex in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. In a Design/Build partnership with Gilbane Construction, the 530,000 square foot facility incorporates 8 butterfly housing wings adapted from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections prototype.  However, the new layout has been modified with two fan shape configurations of 4 housing units each, designed for two inmates.

  • The new institution is designed around a campus plan and is comprised of buildings that support inmate programming services.  The main core building houses visitation, medical, inmate receiving/discharge, dining, vocational shops and a central regional laundry.  Accessed across the outdoor yard is the campus chapel, educational and vocational classrooms, library, barbershop and the physical education center. 
  • The housing units are all two stories and incorporate a housing mezzanine at the upper level and are pre-fabricated concrete modules. The support buildings are a structural steel grid that is clad with solid masonry units.  All windows are security glazed and vary depending on the security level.  
  • The entire complex will receive LEED® certification and will incorporate innovative design options including geothermal and high energy efficient systems.


State Correctional Institute Benner Township
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania