The Bethlehem Armory Apartments

Peron Development

The Bethlehem Armory Apartments are the latest addition to the historic 1930’s Bethlehem Armory, breathing contemporary life into the former National Guard facility. 

USA Architects has been commissioned to design 75 apartment units with an addition that will retain the original art deco design intent, utilizing the same bays of tall, divided light windows within the apartments.  Inset balcony bays further this concept, creating rhythmic building geometries similar to that of the Armory, itself. Special attention is made to the color of the bricks creating a cascade of tones in accordance to the cascade of the grade on site. Downhill, is a formal, contemporary entrance with a canopy design with full height divided light storefronts, which opens corner apartments to fantastic views of the South Side of Bethlehem, PA.  

Armory Apartments

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