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USA Architects builds communities–schools, offices, and public spaces–where people learn, work, and govern in harmony. We’ve mastered these opportunities by creating our own strong community–one that’s passionate about design, embraces industry best practices, and fiercely advocates for its clients. And we have fun doing it, too.

USA is a quiet force on the architecture scene. Headquartered in Somerville, New Jersey, we’re located amid the growing communities and near the urban centers we serve best, including New York, Philadelphia, and Camden.

Since our founding in 1985, we’ve maintained a laser focus on delivering exemplary designs—not just waxing poetic about them. This eyes-on-the prize strategy has paid off: After three decades, we’re a trusted go-to design and development partner for some of the country’s most prestigious businesses, academic institutions, and municipal governments. (See our work and find out why.)

We’re Powered by Purpose

In a crowded architecture field, what draws clients to USA, time and time again? While other firms may be motivated by continued expansion, USA is powered by design with forward-thinking purpose. “We’re creating meaningful places for working, living, or learning,” says founder Paul Swartz. “And though we create them in a specific context of time, place, and space, they deliver lasting value.”

“We’ve cultivated a tremendous depth of relationships,” explains partner Armand Christopher, Director of Technical Services. “We connect with construction management firms, developers, and even other architects.” 

Committed to Achieving Balance

Enduring value calls for rigorous and interrogative creative exploration, powerful partnerships, and a Zen-like ability to achieve balance between a client’s ultimate vision for its project–its legacy–and essential ground-level goals that address cost, compliance, and efficiency.

We ask many questions–it’s a must for making design a great client experience. By developing a set of guiding principles, we create a benchmark by which the client can gauge success, each step of the way. As a result, they keep their minds focused on visualizing the final structure; we manage the rest. It’s how we maintain the integrity of the client’s original idea.

Always True

Our experience, curiosity, and passion for architecture drives our determination to remain true to our clients, and the projects they entrust us with. Because each project is different, we put our intuition and enthusiasm to work to uncover a special design opportunity or solution that ignites our client’s imagination. This is what inspires us – deeply investing in the people, the process and always doing the right thing.

Meet Our Team
We’re nothing without our people—and many of them have been here since the very beginning. Meet the hearts and minds behind the USA Architects success story.

Fueling Connectivity

To create living, breathing buildings–places that inspire people and organizations to be their best–we take time out to share spirited moments and to be our best selves, too. Maybe we’re playing softball, tubing down the Delaware on a Saturday afternoon, or throwing a last-minute pizza and ice cream lunch in the conference room to talk about work, our families, or the latest headlines. Whatever the event, we’re having a great time as we forge bonds and foster a positive energy that you can see and feel in every building we design.

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Browse our portfolio to learn more about our collaborations with our clients in business, government, and education, among other industries.


Browse our portfolio to learn more about our collaborations with our clients in business, government, and education, among other industries.