Residential School + Therapeutic Community

Bonnie Brae

Three new buildings were designed for this residential treatment facility for teenage boys, 11 to 18, who suffer from neglect and emotional distress. Each facility complements the campus’s safe and therapeutic environment that serves to maximize each resident’s social potential.

A new 13,300 square foot vocational technical training center features new arts rooms including a ceramics studio complete with kiln, computer classroom, multi-media center, wood working shop, photo lab and a television studio. The building is a simple rectangle, primarily with large clerestory windows that allow natural light within all of the studios.

A new 12,200 square foot multi-purpose recreation building features a gymnasium, workout room, billiards hall and game room.

A new 2,000 sf residence hall replaces one of the original buildings on campus, housing 24 residents.

All three buildings feature brick walls with sloping roofs that fit within the design of the campus. The window fenestrations are residential in scale to stay within the campus genre. Bonnie Bare is accredited by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. 

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