Girls Inc. CREW Camp 2016

Friday, July 22, 2016
Around The Office

Sometimes the brilliant words of someone else are appropriate to fill the page - as is the case with this blog. 

As I contemplated the story I wanted to tell about our recent experience with Girls Inc at Temple University I struggled with the right point of view. A simple chronological narrative would fall flat, leaving out the essence of our experience.  And a craftily woven “tale” about the day seems forced and disingenuous.   I thought about ways to discuss the systemic and world-wide marginalizing of women in our industry - underscoring how important it is for young woman to experience  female leaders, at major institutions, reinforcing the idea that girls CAN follow this path, despite the disturbing data to the contrary. But this thread is really about us and not them.

So, I went back to the pictures I took of these 18 girls learning about architecture, engineering, and science. I wondered if our day with them really mattered. Did we make an impact? Do those girls think back on their time with us and wonder if they can someday be an architect, an engineer, a scientist, a leader, or just an incredibly strong woman? I think I can safely speak for the USA team when I say, “Yes! I hope so!”  We invested in a day with those 18 girls and now feel energized to do more.  We have made a commitment, as a firm, to continue an on-going partnership with Girls Inc.  We are living the tag “inspiring girls to be strong, smart, and bold,”  that is Girls Inc., and leading by example. 

Girls Inc President and CEO Judy Vrendenburg recently posted a blog on the Huffington Post that is more compelling and more of a call to action than I am able to write. Her post says everything. Read it here and make a difference!


Beth Sherby