Pearl Pointe

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Located in the nationally designated historic High Street District in the City of Bulington, the new Pearl Pointe mixed-use development is sited along the City's beautiful Delaware Riverfront promenade and park which offers exceptional views of the Burlington Bristol Bridge, the historic town of Bristol, Pennsylvania, and numerous recreational venues.  The project design provides maximum opportunities to enjoy walking, biking, and urban/suburban living, and is within walking distance of many destinations, such as the Riverview Cafe and the Brickwall Tavern.  

Pearl Pointe is meant to strengthen the housing opportunities in the community by providing upscale housing for families, young professionals, and seniors who are seeking residences in proximity to transit, shopping, fine dining, and the other amenities that historic Burlington has to offer.  The Mayor of Burlington City said that he and the Common Council envisioned this area as a “catalyst” project for the City’s future. 

The Pearl Pointe development is an over 200,000-square-foot project that includes two four-story buildings (A and B), with one- and two-bedroom units, along with about 8,000 square feet of retail space on 3.8 acres at the intersection of High and Pearl streets. One building holds 69 one-bedroom units and 46 two-bedroom units, while the other holds 53 one-bedroom units and 16 two-bedroom units.


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