Public Safety Complex

Borough of Collingswood

Police and fire officials of the Borough of Collingswood originally occupied antiquated facilities with numerous deficiencies. The Police Department and Fire Station will be co-located in a new building on Haddon Avenue, as a result of major infrastructure improvements planned by the Borough. The aim of the project is to create a facility that provides a safe and accessible environment not just for the Departments, but also the public. In order to maximize the long-term value to its residents, the Program of the building integrates 21st century public safety design ideologies such as Community Integration, Advanced Technology, Support Space Innovation, and Sustainability. 

Four design concepts were presented to the Borough, varied in architectural details, that each display a two-story building. Its design centers on a Haddon Avenue frontage with a four-bay garage and public-facing main entrance including a combined reception area. The fire department would be situated towards the front of the building, with police operations in the rear. The new building would also include a 24-7 reception vestibule for off-hours requests for service. The police department is adding a holding cell area that differentiates between juvenile and adult detainees; and a weapons-free, hardened space with a secured sally port for prisoner intake.

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