Social Services Building

Camden County

The delivery of human and social service programs is enormously intricate.  Fragmentation, specialization and complexity of need all contribute to the challenges in delivering social, medical and economic programs to disadvantaged people. However, the public leaders of Camden County are embracing these challenges head on to develop better outcomes for the residents of the County and to achieve the true goal of assisting its residents with “breaking the cycle on welfare dependency and become self sufficient members of society.” The plan for the New Office Center is the first major step in creating a more balanced and integrated system. 

As the largest project undertaken by the County to date, the proposed 195,000 sf Office Center will be a state-of-the-art facility comprised of offices, classrooms, conference rooms, and support spaces, open outdoor green spaces, with an incorporation of sustainable design strategies which will provide long term economic value to the County. The design will consider the development of an existing 118,000 sf one story office building, a vacant warehouse building, and the incorporation of a new 60,000 sf addition.

The main thrust of this project is the consolidation of numerous social services user groups randomly scattered throughout the County into one facility. The proposed facility will be the new home of the Board of Social Services, Affiliated State Agencies, and county agencies yet to be determined.  Specific program space under consideration includes these types of agencies.

The design for the County’s new Office Center will emerge through our team’s careful consideration of the consolidation and space planning for multiple user groups, the needs of the individuals, families and children using the facility, existing building context, code/zoning requirements, emerging technologies and phased construction activities.

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