Corporate Headquarters and Expansion


Celgene–a bio-technological and chemical research company that analyzes and produces fine and specialty chemicals for the biological treatment of hazardous waste–commissioned USA Architects to design a new facility and its subsequent expansion 10 years later.

The original facility’s design included laboratories, office space, and training / seminar rooms. The placement of the building oriented office space to the southern wall to maximize natural light source, while the labs, isolation rooms, drug manufacturing areas, requiring only simulated light, were centrally located within the building. A continuous utility core was placed between laboratories and circulation corridors, resulting in greater flexibility and accessibility.

A 30,000 sf addition was designed to expand their operations, and the existing facility interiors were renovated to modernize: laboratories, training and classroom facilities, accounting and customer service departments, exercise and locker room and administrative offices. 

Under an additional contract, the library was relocated to the mezzanine level, and the Marketing Department to the space formerly occupied by the library.

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