EMR Corporate HQ

EMR Eastern, LLC

The RCA Victor Building in Camden, NJ has been called the most historic place for recorded music in the world. EMR, an advanced metal recovery company, is retrofitting the entire eight floors to create a new corporate headquarters within the historic space. This large-scale renovation includes a space plan to accommodate varying user groups, an interior design that introduces urban modernity of light, openness and alabaster color to represent the culture of EMR, but also acknowledge the historic significance of the building. This building is where the Victor Talking Machine Company built a music dynasty, churning out records, and recording on RCA label legendary artists such as Louis Armstrong, Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington, and Billie Holiday.

The original design of the 7th and 8th floors has been preserved and only altered in order to meet 21st century health and life safety codes. Millwork, mosaic floor tiles, and space volume for example, have been restored and rehabilitated for use in a modern office environment.

The project is pursuing LEED Gold certification and as an Historic Landmarked building, the project is being reviewed by the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office.

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