New Consortium School

Cape Henlopen School District

The proposed Cape Henlopen Special Needs School is being constructed to provide a permanent long term home for the students of the district with individual special needs and individual education plans, IEPs. Those students, who will not, either on a temporary basis or permanent basis, attend their local elementary, middle or high school.  The goal for those students, who will come to the new school on a temporary basis, will be for them to return to the local school as soon as possible.  The goal for those students who will come to the new school on a permanent basis will be for an equal education based on their individual IEP, with as much inclusion as possible, including beyond high school age to age 21 with training for everyday life.

Based upon the school program, the facility is required to be approximately 80,000 to 85,000 SF.  The facility is located on the western side of Sweet Briar Road, between Cave Neck Road and Route 9.  The site is in excess of 20 acres and is sufficient to accommodate the existing school program and future expansion.

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