New Science Center

Raritan Valley Community College

The entire roof of the south wing was replaced and the former science labs in the south wing were renovated and converted into classrooms, computer labs and Centers for Advanced Teaching and Technology (CATT) labs.

A new Science Center addition was designed to consolidate various science curriculums into a single two-story facility. The Center features highly advanced learning, simulation and laboratory spaces for the science program, including biology, chemistry, botany, ophthalmology, veterinarian medicine, dentistry, anatomy, physics and engineering.

Each lab is outfitted with fume hoods, gasses are locally supplied and casework designed to facilitate specialized classes of the science program.  The physics / engineering lab features a tiered classroom designed with dual work spaces and is expandable to serve as a large lecture hall. An optical clinic, operated by the Ophthalmic Science program on the ground floor, contains a state-of-the-art laboratory and simulates a retail environment where prospective patients can be examined and fitted for lenses. All laboratories are temperature- and light-controlled, and feature a prep room, storage and office space for faculty.

The two story building is a slight departure from the college grid with its curvilinear form. The front facade features a significant amount of glass supported within an aluminum curtain wall which captures passive solar heat during the winter months.  The remaining windows have been strategically placed to allow natural light within the labs yet utilizes each space to its maximum efficiency.  A two-story atrium is featured at the main entrance of the Center which also serves as gallery space.

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