Student Success Center

Rowan College at Burlington County

The new Student Success Center serves as the gateway and signifies the completion of a newly transformed Mount Laurel Campus of Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC). Acting as the centerpiece to an aggressive master plan, the building allows for a shift of operations and programs. By doing so, the college can better serve students, faculty, and the community and reach its goal of creating the “ultimate modern campus.” 

USA was a critical part of the schematic design efforts, led the subsequent design development and construction documents phases, and also captained the interior design, full building coordination and interior/exterior detailing efforts.
The student success center features a knowledge commons library, bookstore, fireplace, and twenty-screen media wall in the central lounge, a coffee bar, fresh foodservice with healthy options, dining area, tutor rooms and a test center.

RCBC Student Success Center Virtual Tour

It is an environment where students can feel welcomed, encouraged to learn outside of the classroom, and build a stronger sense of community among students and faculty. The design includes a mezzanine that takes advantage of natural sunlight and landscape views of the campus. It helps increase focus and energy among the student body. Closed off spaces such as student services offices are located on the first level which allows for immediate wayfinding among new visitors and less distraction for those above. The building unifies the student’s overall experience on campus and enhances engagement.